Idea is simple and very functional.    - All members in the same vehicle can see the map pointing.    - All members in a range of 3 meters in game can see the map pointing.         I don't like the idea of having waypoints left on the map. In games with this system, often the players go a different route and the waypoints are left in the map causing confusion.    Map point can co-exist with simple map markers like we see in current PR and it can improve tactical experience with the players and squad squad members by pointing the the map the best ways to navigate.    2 Squad Leaders working together can easily coordinate attacks or defenses simply by standing next to each other and pointing the situation in the map.    With this simple and non persistent system, there is no risk of dicks being drawn on the map.   The only down side I see is if a troll player could point in the map while a SL is trying to explain the mission to the other players, but you can easily identify him because the dot in the map will have your name right next to it. 
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