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Mortar Teamkills / Ban

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I really like to play on Bella´s Battleground, because I'm not with rush hour in my region and [BB] has the best ping and experience of playership during that daytime.
Unluckily, I just teamkilled 6 guys with one round of mortars on Chora (my ingame name is "Scurl ♥ Squad"), because they rushed into an enemy FOB-compound that we bombarded. The mortar firing was already going for around 3-4 salvos, so it frankly wasn't my fault. Instantly banned. I expected the kick, even if I instantly went in all chat, apologizing. I wanted to reconnect, but found out I even got banned. I understand that it's set for instant kick to prevent trollers from ruining a game continuosly and that's okay.
But a permanent ban seems harsh to me, because especially with mortars I've seen a lot of teamkills and especially on those smaller maps. And I guess there have been such things before and people are getting unbanned and stuff, but I also think many don't bother trying to discuss it rather than just taking another server (which I won't, because [BB] is as mentioned one of the few I can properly play on, which also is the reason I am here now).
So, if theres an unban possible by any chance, I would love to get in favor of it. Also, maybe just kick or disable the player (kick from squad, no assigned team or something) until someone looks into it, before permanent banning (maybe that's happening right now?). I've not seen many excessive teamkills that would really deserve a ban, maybe around 3-4. But I don't know, maybe it's too complicated to do so, and at least I got the time and leisure to look up the forums to write this.

Have a good day,


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Yep, sounds like the Auto ban script handled by the server got you. It's just one of those things that are needed, to prevent tkers having a continued rampage. Unfortunately it does have side affects, of people having an unlucky mortars shot, or a friendly transport running over your mine  = banned.

Generally the forums aren't a place to appeal bans, you're more likely to get a response from the servers admin team on their discord or website. I have done some scouting around for you and have located their website and discord.

Discord - http://discord.gg/apwNTPH
Website - https://www.bellasbattleground.org/

If you ever get banned from a server, you can find majority of server owners information here

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