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Hey Squad, I have a question.

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I was just wondering how you guys feel about kids playing Squad. I'm 12 but my mic makes my voice sounds like i'm 3. I was just wondering what you're guys opinions are? Thanks.

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Hello, welcome to the Community!
If you're interested in joining a clan/community, leave a post in this thread here.
Please read up these 2 links and enjoy your time here:


There will always be people negative towards you, be it because they don't agree with your type of person, way of acting, thoughts, your voice in a VOIP enabled game, or anything else.


Nobody is excluded in this, and nobody has to be. It is your fight to stay above negative energy which goes towards you, let it pass you, ignore it and forget about it like you do with bad odors in everyday life. Learn to accept that you can't and won't ever control everything.


You will be accepted by experienced and ripe players, who know exactly that everyone has a starting point. Take me for an example, I played video games since I was 6 years old, that was back in 1998. My first online VOIP game was Battlefield 2 in 2006, and yes, people didn't always like me. I kept at it anyways.


However, this topic was talked about many many times in the past time. Therefore, a merged thread was created to continue discussion on the subject in a collected informational way. Please refer to the following link to continue on the topic:

I thank you for your understanding and hope you will find a lot of useful information there.

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