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Why can I not choose a role?

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98% of the time I cannot choose a role. I am stuck with a role and cannot change it. Any ideas? Thanks.

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are you sure you are not trying to select a fire support role when all 3 are already take or a team limited role (for example Heavy AT, limited to 1 per team). You have to be quick when joining a squad to get a fire support / specialist role / scoped rifle, crewman are nearly always available if the map has amour or medic roles are normally not filled before SL asks.

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What roles are you trying to take?


Here is an quick overview of how it works with kits in Squad.

- Each squad can only have 2 medics

- Rifleman roles. Normal rifleman unlimited. Rhe Scoped kits, Scout, Light MG and other special kits are limited to 1-2 per squad.

- Fire support roles  are limited to 3 in a 9 man squad. Of each kit you can often only have one (except Light ATs that allow 2 for most factions). Teams of 40 people are also limited to 3 Marksmen, 1 Heavy AT and 3 Heavy MGs no matter how many squads the team has.


So you can't pick the kit if it is already full.


I hope this helps. 

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