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D2 | Betol

Hello, Squad.

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New player, looking to get into the game, sadly my very first experience was being called a **** by an admin, surely not all servers have ill mannered admins acting like dictators. Hoping to get some good experiences out of squad, even though its in early stages of development, and hopefully give feedback, and contribute towards the greater good for squad.

Find the realism it has quite astounding, it definitely beats the majority of games revolved around war, and realism, I did not get a shot at finding out all about the goods that squad has in store for me, as i was kicked. But hoping its as good as i wish it to be.

Anyway, cheers!

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Welcome @D2 | Betol!


Yeah, there's only a "few" known #badmins, generally people are helpful to new comers. Hopefully, you're not put-off by that unfortunate first experience. There's one server admin that has a dictator reputation :D


Hope to see you out there!

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Way more common than you might have anticipated. The adherence and enforcement of the 'server guidelines' is non existent. When playing Squad on dedicated servers you are at the beck and call of that servers administrators. However not all are pricks but you'll definitely encounter some brain dead, know it all, arm chair ground force commanders. xD

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