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[21MID] Battlegrounds UK

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Server name: [21MID] Public Battlegrounds UK

Server Password: -none-

Server Location: United Kingdom - London

Community Website: https://www.21mid.com


Server Rules v0.1 (Updated September 8th 2018):

General Rules

  • No Teamkilling
  • No Basecamping
  • No Racism

Squad Related

  • All squad leaders must have a microphone and speak English
  • No creation of squads without intention of leading them
  • No locked squads with less than 6 squad members - Unless asset specific squad.

Asset Related

  • Asset specific squads must have a relevant squad name ie. APC/IFV/Tank
  • Asset named squads have priority over their asset ie. APC Squad claims APC's
  • No one-manning of APC/IFV/Tanks
  • No wasting assets
  • No heavy assets until 20vs20 (APC/IFV/Tanks)
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