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Canadian Armed Forces Mod - Public playtest today

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Hello everyone! 

Today on Saturday, 8th September we'll host the very first public playtest of the Canadian Armed Forces Mod :flag_ca:.
The mod is not yet available on Steam Workshop so make sure you fill out the following form to get access to the mod and join the playtest.

CAF Playtest - Canadian Armed Forces


Once filled out you'll receive a download link from which you can download the mod. Follow the instruction of the README.md file if you have trouble installing the mod locally.



Server Information will be available on the CCFN Discord (https://discord.gg/0rX0Q1CLIkTPJAOL) and Squad Modding Hub Discord (https://discord.gg/a9f4FvW) one hour before the event starts.


The playtest event starts at:

Americas: 12:00 PST / 15:00 EST
Europe: 20:00 GMT / 2100 CEST
Oceania: Sunday 03:00 AEST

Thanks to CCFN for sponsoring this event's server.

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