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Devil's Brigade Recruiting !!

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    Hey guys we are still looking for people to join us on our discord and Join our clan! The Devil's Brigade ! If you love playing SQUAD as well as many other tactical shooters along with exciting games of all genre, you are in the right place !!


     We are clan that mostly focuses on Tacticool shooters, Military Strategy, and Hardcore Survival based games starting with first and foremost SQUAD, EFT (Escape from Tarkov), Insurgency Sandstorm, Ground Branch, R6S and ARMA 3. As well as games like Factoria, Life is Feudal, and Sea of Thief's just to name a few. We are are a community that prides itself on equality, unity, leadership, and dedication all while training hard to be the best gamer's we can possibly be. Remember you come first and the clan second. What this means is that you will never have to feel pressured to show up and do anything you "just really don't feel like doing". I, DB TommyPsy can personally assure you that this is a wholesome place were you will feel at home and still get to have fun, not have to worry about being judged or ignored, all in made to feel good and not the opposite. Guys, really DB changed my life so to speak. We are all friends here even after growing to the size we are now.


    Now on to task at hand SQUAD !


We have many guys who are avid and very skilled players including myself yours truly. However we are looking for "A few good men" (no puns here) to really take it seriously as we enter the realm of competitive gaming. Now we have some but are interested in putting a larger Team together. Do not fret though even if you just purchased the game you are still qualified to not only join the clan but to be a part of this EXCLUSIVE team as you can be trained. This training/tryouts has an approximate projection date of September 15 2018. Be prepared to take this VERY seriously as we will be moving on into competition at some point after training is done and the TEAM is ready.


Logistics and Rules of "DB"


What we are looking for:
    -We are a community that makes sure it's members mesh together well. We put all new members through a trial run to make sure that we are the right fit for you.
    - All ages over 18 are welcome
    - English Speaking (Some fluency) 

    What we provide:
    - A fun, relaxed environment
    - A minimalist approach to moderating with an extensive vetting process to make sure your never being told off by a power hungry kid. 
    - Content generated by the community
    - Streamer support (If you stream we will advertise you on our website and do whatever we can to help you flourish)
    - A fully developed website
    - Servers owned by DB to provide the best experience possible
    - Life and friends come first. You will not be expected to attend any mandatory meetings (unless you are under leadership standards) or drop any clans you may already be apart of to join Devils Brigade.
    - "You join us when you're ready!". Once you have been approved we do not deny you access to our discord if you choose not to become officially apart of us.

    What we require:
    - You will be expected to read our information and rules channel once you have entered the discord and abide our policy.
    - Fill out an application on our website: www.devilsbrigade.org which includes access to our discord.
    - Have a Mic and know how to have fun!

That's it!! Your done!! 
    However, we are always looking for responsible driven people to help us promote Devil's Brigade, our Discord, clan details and promotion as well as recruiting more members. 
"Play as hard as you like!!" -DB Staff
SQUAD specific:
- Have the attitude to learn and excel in SQUAD and other games we support.
- The ability to take instruction and criticism  positively, as well as remembering SQUAD is one of our more serious, "competitive" team-based shooters.  Requiring  that players work together, have the mindset to take orders from , and trust their Squad Leader.
- We have many members here already fluent in Squad gameplay (as well as many other games). We will offer training  and guidance for ANYBODY seeking to become a "Top Tier" player. 






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Looking for a mature group thats more like family than random people on the internet? come check us out in our discord https://discord.gg/Uu5B6tC

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Interested in finding good fun people to play with? We may be a small clan but our members are the best around. Come join us in our discord and see for yourself! 

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Devils Brigade offers a laid back environment where players can enjoy gaming with others. We are looking for all types of players. Join us on Discord and read more details about us at DevilsBrigade.org

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