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Create: Mission, Objective, Task

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I read the forums in my lunch break at work and play nightly ( I am currently the worlds best squad player* ). I'm in management...


Spread throughout the threads here and there are lots of leadership suggestions, talk of limitations and restrictions.

In game it is usually, who should do what, who did this and who did that and most often "I am doing this (implies everyone else should work around me)" or "________ (nothing)"


When the squad leaders have some experience with the other leaders and the team there is more often a comment of "I will back cap" or something similarly nice to hear from teammates.


This is just an idea for discussion, it is a long way from complete. If you don't like it please try to be constructive rather than typing negatives without reasoning.

There are hundreds of variations which could be made to this idea, i'd like to see it kept as simple and free form as possible.


My proposal is to formalise these missions a bit more.


Mission creation:

Give leaders a tool which is simply a button, [Create Mission] with a small/medium text box and is linked to a set of markers on the map (new map tools imminent) and some button to change the status/position of the mission in the list.

As a squad leader you can enter something such as "Rush Papanov" and tick a box accepting this mission to indicate that is what their squad will do. 

The same squad leader could enter "Supply Papanov FOB" as a mission but leave it open for any squad to tick.

  • Missions could be anything:
    • Defend hilltop
    • Defend a region
    • Attack a region
    • Make advance FOB here
    • Hunt for FOB in this region
    • Block supplies
    • Clear vehicles from this region

The mission list could have up and down voting obviously the mission of Attack x flag will be popular and near the top, Defend x flag will also end up near the top, it is the most important. The mission to search the far corner of the map for magic mushrooms might appear but will not regularly be upvoted.


Why is this needed?

All of this could be and is currently being done in SL coms. This is true but it is not always clear to all and there is often no reward for squads and players doing critical things. 

A common question is "who is defending x flag?" Sometimes a squad will say they are defending but more often than not the squad has wandered away, everyone wants the easy job of attacking. This system gives them a mission which they can accept, ignore or fail. If they ignore it then at least the team can see the mission is still open.


Mission completion success/failure:

  • Tick boxes for ongoing and completed or failed. Completing some missions could be automated eg Supply, build or destroy a FOB or Defending a flag till the round ends.
  • Attack a flag missions could have toggle to defend them following a success. This could be a new mission created manually or with some fancy automation from clever coders.
  • Squads get mission completed records in the scoreboard for that round with failed/successful tags. This could just be a score or a summary in a new tab or hover for missions.



Because the mission name box is free to enter text there will be abuse. This is the internet.  The creator of the mission will be tagged by name and squad. Leaders could choose to suppress this mission and hide it from their view, a few people hide it and it gets removed automatically. This has a secondary effect of down-voting bad missions until they are hidden/moved to failed.

Creating missions and stuff for buddies and marking them done. No-one really cares...perhaps a mission score could be multiplied by the number of squad leaders who mark it as completed. Names and squad tagged in all entries so abusers are clearly visible.

Missions created will only be visible while squad exists or the mission is accepted/complete



Time from squad leaders. After some coding/UI design from the developers the effect on SL time is probably the most impacted. Everyone gets some downtime and some people like to have organised lists of objectives. While dead you have plenty of time to check the map, see what needs doing and make marks and missions. A good SL will use this time wisely. Being a passenger in a vehicle gives you time to do lots of admin, or drive badly if doing both. 

Spawn screen space, could be a tab.

New icon tools, eg region markers.

Database/Log entries and access.

Languages...server dependent, unlikely to block benefits. Clear markers could negate any text language issues and these are likely present in voice chat anyway so this is already an improvement.


Lunch break over...i'm sure this will adapt 

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TBH just a more fleshed out marker system with a PLCOMD slot would achieve what you're talking about better. There are standardised NATO task graphics that could be used to show an entire battle plan for all squads at all phases of the game. Simply adding a system to generate, scale, rotate and place these in layers (called overlays IRL), then a system to cycle through them would enable precisely what's being described, but better.

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Markers are not enough, there needs to be some responsibility for these missions which is the main objective of this idea. The sense of reward for minimissions would be a nice side benefit.


Although genuine icons would be nice, this is a game, people need to understand without reading a manual. Commander is bad as discussed previously, several times...

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Great ideas. I've really wanted to see someone expand on the system Enemy Territory tried (automated missions) and adding a little human guidance could be a good way to go. Also hoping more of these features get opened to modders -- folks have done some pretty amazing tactical mods in the past.

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It would also improve and formalize the assigning of blame in aftergame coms... lol

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I feel like this could work have a small part of me that feels like SLs already have a lot to manage. Maybe that will work well if some SL responsibilities can be shared with fireteam lead that is coming. 

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