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FPS Issue

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Hey guys,


I'm constantly running this game as ~20 fps when I feel like I should be getting more. When I bench mark my computer settings, it maxes out graphics settings, but i am still getting very low fps. When I use the lowest settings, at most I get a 5-10 fps boost, but nothing significant. I also get stutter lag all the time, almost like a memory dump. Just looking for any feedback to help improve my current situation. My specs are:


CPU: FX-8320 (8 core, 3.5GHz)

GPU: RX 480 8GB


OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit


Thanks yall


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Known Squad issue ,runs like shit on AMD FX series and even struggles to reach 60 FPS in Firefights on full servers unless you got a high clocked Sky/Coffelake CPU.

When you bought the game on steam and haven`t played 2h , best advice is to refound it with that rig.

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