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SquadCanada [FR / ENG][Recruiting]

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SquadCanada is back on track, with a new admin team, and new official server.

Mostly speaking in french, we still have a lot of bilingual players in our ranks.


Who are we ?

A lot of our members come from all sorts of Milsim background. Either from other video games, from the Paintball and Airsoft Milsim world, and some others are active or ancient members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

How to join us

Interested in joining Squad Canada's Team, or just looking for other fellow Canadians to play with ? Simply visit our new website, where you can find a link to our Discord community, our community rules and the way to support us with the server.

Future projects

- Team SquadCanada : restart the SqCA team for more serious events, with a good chain of command and more mature players;

- Low population server : offer players that don't have high end PCs the possibility to play without performance issues;

- Custom server : to both help train the SqCA team and pass along our military knowledge, and host community events;

- Community events : organising events where we play on maps created by modders of the community (Steam workshop);

- Streams & giveaways : live streaming some of our members games, and give away SQUAD steam keys for new players.

Looking foward to meet you on the battlefield !


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