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RvN | RaveN - currently recruiting

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RaveN consists of players who've been selected especially for their abilities with the goal of competing at the highest level in Squad. We regularly compete in tournaments and scrimmages, along with playing on public servers. We recently finished 1st place in the 18 vs 18 ISST.





2017 - 12v12 Squad Masters Tournament - 1st Place (partnered with LCP) 
2017 - 24v24 International Squad Knockout Tournament Open - 1st Place (partnered with LCP) 
2018 - 18v18 International Squad Skirmish Tournament Season One - 1st Place


About us

Our style of gameplay is influenced by fast-paced shooters such as Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six, and the Battlefield-series. It is characterised by aggressiveness, speed and coordination.  We take the initiative and are always in the middle of the action.

We have a “no nonsense” approach to our in-game communication, ensuring all members work together to maximise our performance. We adopt tactics and strategies that work in the current metagame of Squad, and discard those which don’t. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and we are vigilant to upcoming game changes and opportunities we can utilise.

Competitive gameplay against other clans is where we get our adrenaline kick from and we regularly group up to play on public servers too.  

Alongside Squad, we have members who also play other games such as: RB6, CSGO, Post Scriptum, ARMA, Wargame, PUBG, Overwatch and EFT.



Most of our members are based in Europe, but we also have members from further afield including North America.  

Ability to speak English is a must.  

We value mature players with respect for others. A competitive spirit is key, and so is the sense for high quality teamplay. We look for players who have the ability and willingness to adapt and learn. 

If you think you would make a good addition to the clan, visit our Discord server, and speak to one of our team leads to find out more.


Our Discord-server: https://discord.gg/WTSj7bc


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After months of playing, RaveN has taken 1st place in ISST 18v18 Season 1 tournament.


The Grand Final was played on Kokan Skirmish v1 against Mumblerines.

We played two rough and even rounds, and in the end RaveN won the game by 111-91.


We'd like to thank Mumblerines for a good game, and also ISST who organized the tournament!




VOD from Grand Finals:



ISST Season 1 Toornament page:


Announcement by ISST:

RaveN Discord:

ISST Discord:




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Update February 2018
We're currently engaged in Official Squad Showdown Skirmish Tournament: https://discord.gg/ZJaPrjv

Recent tournament results from group stage:


Next up will be a match against UVO, and then its hopefully off to the playoffs!

VOD from our latest tournament match versus proG:
- English: https://youtu.be/e818Xb5bblU
- Russian: https://youtu.be/s6v5Otk-05E

If this looks like something you want to be part of, you can apply to our team - we are currently recruiting! Check out the opening post of this thread for information about this.

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II'll be sharing some gameplay videos created by our members, today's vid is created by RvN | happy :)


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