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Joint Fundraising Challenge

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Hi all,

My name is Jon and I am from an Arma 3/Squad/Post-Scriptum unit called 7th Cavalry Gaming - https://7cav.us .  In October we will be running a fundraising challenge with other milsim units to raise funds for a charity called https://stackup.org .


StackUp.Org is a US based charity that has several programs:


1. Send games and gaming equipment to deployed troops of NATO countries for use in their downtime.

2. They take deserving veterans on once in a lifetime trips to conferences such as E3, ComiCon and others.

3. They have volunteer support groups, primarily in the US, which serve as focal points for support and volunteer work.

4. They have a 24/7/365 crisis counselling service they offer via their discord which is available to anyone that is an adult.


Essentially, they believe that gaming can have a positive impact on mental health.  Their motto is Veterans are our Mission. Gaming is our Passion.




We at the 7th Cavalry are a unit that has been in existence since 2002.  We have over 300 active members.  The fundraising challenge is a way for us to extend awareness of StackUp.Org to the community, to raise more funds overall for the charity and to motivate our members to raise more money.


The idea is that each unit would pledge a minimum of $1,000 USD to the challenge, or $20 per active members, whichever is more.  So our team goal would be roughly $6,000 USD.  My personal goal is to find enough units to pledge a total of $50,000 USD to the campaign.


We will collect pledges from our members starting 11 SEP 18 and ending 11 OCT 18.  From 11 OCT 18 until 11 NOV 18 teams and team members will make their donations using the Tiltify site which tracks donations and teams and forwards the donations to the charity.


On 10 NOV 18 at 11am eastern, our unit will run a 24 hours of gaming event that will run until 11am eastern on 11 NOV 18.  This will signal the end of the fundraising challenge.


If you are interested in participating or have questions, please contact me directly via the following methods:


Read more: https://7cav.us/stackup

Email: [email protected]

Discord:Argus.J https://discord.gg/gfhnJAy


*Note - Squad was actually a founding sponsor for this charity!



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Stack-Up.org is a wonderful charity and we'd highly recommend them. =) Thank you for partnering up with such a great organization!


Chances are, you'll see a little more of them later this year too.

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