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Kohat Invasion layers

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While Kohat is the "OG" map, can it be time to put the Invasion layers to rest or make it a first world attack/defend encounter?


Currently,  attacking as the U.S. is a fun steamrolling experience.  On defense as INS, it's a frustrating nightmare and the reasons are clear:


1) 25+ scoped load outs vs 8-12 on a map with little cover and large, open areas


2) Servers preventing INS from placing mines near U.S. base ( I agree with this as a rule on any map and server. But isn't issue #1 really fair given the map layer /faction circumstances?)


3) The map layout combined with the layer gives very little room for "HAT/LAT/INF ambushes" or "IED/Mine attacks" which INS relies on as a balance (asymmetrical warfare)


The current situation leads to team stacking and an overall feeling of hopelessness as defender (especially on the new Bradley layer).  I don't blame the INS players for leaving or switching teams either.  Who really enjoys getting pounded by 25+ scopes from all directions for 30-45 minutes?



1) Remove the layers from invasion mode

2) Replace INS with Russia, GB or US as defenders against one another

3) Replace US attackers with Militia 


To be clear, the AAS layers are fine, this post pertains to Invasion only.


Keep up the good work devs and thanks for reading the suggestion.








For the community:

To counter my argument, please include a server log showing the percentages of wins/losses by U.S. attackers on ANY layer of invasion on Kohat. From my 500+ hours in game I have yet to see an INS win take place anywhere else than radio tower on the OG layer" or an INS win on the new layer.


Please do not argue the situation is "authentic".  It's not for both game and historical/current realism situations.


Please do not argue that "well my clan does X and it works every time as INS", it probably doesn't unless you are stack pub stomping


Please do not argue "well in your 500+ playtime you have never been on a team that communicates properly on that layer!"  I have, and encountered loss after loss to half-competent US attacker teams.  I also have unbalanced experiences steamrolling well structured INS teams as the U.S. in Kohat invasion layers.


Please do not argue "Get your own server and don't run the map". That solution doesn't help Kohat's great potential as an Invasion layer. 


Edit: Bolding words

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This reminds me of OP First light where the U.S. steamrolled the militia. That is until the militia got replaced with RU and it became fun-ish again...

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I find OP First light is far easier for the US team now that the Russians are in. The speed of milita was an advantage. Russia will never get storage first if two equally skilled teams push.


Russia is defending castle in the first 3 mins of every game I play on that map.

EDIT : Realised I had ignored, the OP.


Invasion is more often won by the attackers in my experience, since vehicles anyway. Defending is always harder than attacking because it is so easy to flank and create a spawn.

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The old layer was not perfect but a lot beter the US did only get normal MRAPS and trucks. INS could supper FOB radio tower and control the hill untill the game was over. with the new layers all the objectives are in valleys. and the US just needs to take the hills and the INS is lockt inside the buildings. this is for all the objectives exept for the first 2. the first objective is a town and would be easy to defend if INS got more time to set up the second is easy to supper fob but its just to early in the game to do somting. with objectives on hill tops INS would have an easier time but I think the best thing would be to let RU defend or let MIL atack we have like 1 MIL vs INS layer.


P.S. Kohat is one of my favorite maps and INV my favorite game mode I hope we can get it fixed.

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