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The pitfall that is community feedback

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Yeah. I mean, I don't fully know, but it seems probable to me that once aspects of the HUD etc are programmed in, it would usually be pretty easy to add a simple bit of code to give an option at the server end not display them. So I'd imagine this is eminently achievable; just depends on the direction the team want to take with it.

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On 9/20/2018 at 8:40 PM, Kodagobang said:

Edit:  Not to mention I'm pretty sure the OP was talking about things already in the game, not about ideas from another user on the forums.  I would agree that "I dont like this" posts referring to the current state of the game are not needed.  Maybe you should re-read the OP.


Stated in the first couple of sentences in the OP; "Most of what I am about to write does not relate directly to Squad at this very stage, but my fear is that it will in a not too distant future."

So you misinterpreted my intent with this thread, and Nightingale87 called out just the type of post I was referring to. Joking or not, that very comment is a condescending and agitating attempt to prove a non-point, and a "lol" does not do anything other than enforce the notion of the comment not being carefully constructed and thought through. The very comment Nightingale87 called you out for did just what the OP was insinuating that such comments do... start a debate that has nothing to do with the actual discussion at hand, thus spiral the thread and a potentially interesting discussion out of control.


If you had actually read or understood the point of the OP, you would have realized that "I think This type of comment is exactly what the OP meant." was as on point as anything possibly could be. 


On 9/13/2018 at 12:24 PM, embecmom said:

In fact your whole post is only seen because the game devs provide the forum to do so, and you are of course entitled to that opinion but suggesting that the DEVS will be more creative without the input of players is like saying when building a plane you would never speak to pilots.


The analogy is pretty good, but I would not consider or compare a playerbase, of which 8 / 10 does not even understand the very basics of the game, to aircraft pilots. 


Most feedback is, as also very strongly suggested in the OP, nothing but emotional appeal from someone who simply is not good enough, or will not invest enough of him- / herself to become sufficient at playing the game, and want changes that cater to them personally, not for the greater good of said game. 


Also, being entitled to an opinion does not mean that anyone has to listen to your opinion. Sadly a lot of developers do just that. Suggesting that is not the case is, as I have also strongly suggested several times, naive.


Again, I would like to go back to the very beginning once more; 


"Most of what I am about to write does not relate directly to Squad at this very stage, but my fear is that it will in a not too distant future."


The discussion I was hoping for in this thread, and the actual point of my initial post, has been predominantly disregarded. This due to most readers and posters saw this as an attempt from my part to topple the casual fan base and push for a more milsim experience. In my opinion this happened due to the very mindset I was hoping the discussion would be about. Appeal to emotion. Someone read "realism" and all of a sudden that was the direction the thread took. Even I jumped on board, as I am also a part of the community. 


To me this entire post, and all of its content pretty much sums up what I was first suggesting. So thank you all for that. 


Edit; Just like in every other forum of discussion, e.g. politics or sport, the case of "being right" is a stronger incentive for engagement instead of actually having a case. 


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My take on this Community feedback was from 2015/2016 our Devs took note of feedback from the community & mostly replied to our Questions in this Forum (This what brought me in,Dev interaction)...But

The End of 2016 Peoples Feedback got more EXtreme & literally Demanded their ideas to Happen & basically telling the Devs that their project was Wrong or Sh*t...

After this our Devs "STOPPED" Particibating,getting involved in this Forum. (So did loads of our Ol´members)

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