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New player looking for squad

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Hi everyone,

Brought squad today as it rather appealing to me as a ex British infantry myself looking for some players to play with as I keep getting kicked from squads because I'm new to the game I understand the basics of the game just need to get better I have a mic so I can communicate with my fellow soldiers hit me up if you want to play see you in the war zone 


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Heya, welcome to the forums! I've got a cool server to play on and community behind it that you could join. We don't mind teaching new players, and overall we're very patient. 

We've got a discord:


tho we usually talk with eachother on teamspeak:



The server is named PRTA - Shock & Awe, we usually get it populated from around 16:00 (GMT+2), so before most of the players start joining in, it's actually not a bad idea to practice, get to know the game better etc... Aswell as the community ofcourse.


Would be nice if you decide to join in!

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Guest Gatzby

Welcome to Squad! Thank you for your support. =)


I'd like to invite you to our Community discord as well: http://discord.gg/Squad


Letting your squad leader know you're new can often help with that too, though some people are always going to be a little curmudgeonly. If you need some more tips, SgtHerhi's guides always a good place to go: https://imgur.com/gallery/i6Shp7Z =)

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