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The Wrench, July 2018

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Hey Squaddies,
Another month has flown by at breakneck speeds and that means we're back with The Wrench! There are some cool surprises this month, especially from the CAFMOD team. Spoiler: They're doing it with crazy detail and no small amount of aplomb. Let's take a look!
Join us on the Community Modding Discord where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It's a great place to share your ideas and passions with like-minded people that will happily help you create something awesome.






As mentioned, the big teases responsible for the Canadian Armed Forces mod are doing it right. So far, we've seen impressively detailed work from the team come seemingly out of nowhere. Check out some of their content drops from this last week!
We're told this is every Canadians favorite holster and it's been modeled as accurately as possible to give you the full, authentic experience. Brilliant work, folks!




Korengal Valley Update by Coderedfox

Perhaps one of the most iconic valleys in modern combat, the Korengal Valley mod has gotten a brand spankin' new update. Coderedfox has updated his WIP map with a whole new network of roads, shown above in red. (Blue indicates a previously existing road.)
The new road systems will not only open up more of the map outside the valley itself, but should help the insurgents stay competitive once helicopters take to the skies. Speaking of...




V11 Fixed Helicopter Test by Heedicalking


Haven't had a chance to get airborne in Squad? Thanks to Heedicalking, the popular Helicopter Mod has been updated for Alpha 11. Before you head over to the Workshop page, check out this second clip by Dan186D, also responsible for the clip above.

We also spotted a quick update on Reddit:

If you have any bugs, or want to suggest any features just let me know! Code for Mi-24 and Chinook is almost done, I just need to purchase the 3d assets when they go on sale (I can't model).
Know any good modelers? Don't be shy! =)




Modding Roundtable

While we're waiting for the final polish on Modding 2.0, the modding team wanted to take the opportunity to chat directly with the modding community. As we continue to develop Squad's modding support, we want to make sure your needs, concerns, and major pain points are heard and addressed. With the Community Feedback roundtables in mind, a similar format has evolved for the modding side of things. The unedited audio track is available here. (Filesize: 67.52 MB)

Some of the topics covered include:


  • Modding 2.0 is getting very close to finishing and is being polished
  • Total conversion mods will be possible
  • Changing the entire game menu and interface will also be possible
  • Mod files sizes are drastically reduced
  • An overwrite system will be in place (e.g. You could swap out factions and weapons on base map without having to download the entire map.)
  • SteamID will be exposed to modders to create persistent stats and tracking
  • New system to request Blueprint exposure
  • Modding Roundups will continue in the near future (Date TBD)
  • In-game downloading is coming!
  • Server browser changes
Thanks to Zeno for generating that list! That's a lot of ground to cover, so be sure to comment to add your feedback is after listening.




We love a good surprise and those CAFModders definitely delivered this month. And heck, we had no idea we were due for a Korengal update! Favorite locations and factions? Hell yeah!
If you want to be a part of it next month, you can get into it right away by using this formand submit your work!

Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.

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2 hours ago, koschilein said:

Gimme them juicy Canadian boiiissss <3


Cant wait for modding 2.0

So hot (hot), sticky sweet

Maple syrup from my head down to my feet, yeah






2 hours ago, IRONXBAY said:

the blender subreddit might be a viable option if one is looking for 3d modellers willing to help out or offer assets. 



I don't know how I never thought to check this out, after spending a buncha time with their official youtube channel. Duh. Thanks for sharing!

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Will you add certain well made maps into the game, similar to like TWI did in RO2 and RS2?

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Canadians will have more macaroni and cheeze on their rifles...lol...did you know Canadians eat that more than anyone else.  They got different equipment probably and say weird things like: two-fer.

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23 minutes ago, Guan_Yu007 said:

Not sure how up to date this is, but yeah.. q8y2aNM.jpg

Make it a clickable map and shows you the pic of gun you click on....

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