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Pepe - Mod/Event Oriented Community

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We are a mod/event focused clan that looks to expand upon the gameplay options available in Squad. We look to host unique, fun public events for all Squad players to enjoy.



The Helimod, developed by [Pepe]Heedicalking, will be featured in our events and servers. Funded and tested by community friends, the mod has grown since its release and we look to continue expanding it. We have previously partnered with several other communities to host numerous helicopter events. In addition to the helicopter mod, we look to create additional content including more vehicles, weapons, gamemodes, and maps.


When Modding 2.0 comes around, we will be hosting a public server in addition to an events server.

Server Rules

  • Practice in singleplayer before flying during matches. You must name your squad after the specific heli you wish to fly.
  • Do not solo armed vehicles
  • Do not camp main (If your gun can see into main, it's too close). Exception is if all other points are captured.
  • Be courteous and communicate with other players.
  • Avoid spamming voice/chat
  • Do not abuse exploits, hack, or cheat in any way
  • Squad leaders must communicate with each-other and have a microphone
  • Do not excessively/intentionally teamkill or retaliate teamkill
  • Do not excessively hinder your team (running over teammates in base, blowing up friendly HABs non-strategically)


Discord Link


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