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H.A.R.M. Tactical Squad

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H.A.R.M. is a squad for players that want to take their SQUAD game to the next level. Infantry tactics and close coordination are what this squad is all about. The basic principles this squad is built on are outlined in my Squad Leading guide, Squad Leader 101, but the goal of H.A.R.M. is to further refine and implement real-world infantry tactics and close-knit teamwork until the unit is a well-trained fighting machine. This is an elite unit and slots are limited - the unit is capped at 18 regular players on rotation.




H.A.R.M. is only for the patient player. The squad's goal is to implement real-world infantry tactics in SQUAD, repeatedly practicing those tactics until they can be carried out consistently and effectively in public matches. Training the fundamentals will take time and repetition, including dedicated practice matches and squad scrims, and players that are impatient to "get on with their game" are not going to like it in H.A.R.M. The first and foremost quality required is patience.


H.A.R.M. is not a military fluff squad. It is not interested in implementing military practices that do not directly translate to SQUAD's gameplay. H.A.R.M. is about stripped-down and distilled infantry tactics, not a painstaking re-enactment of real-life military ranks, obscure jargon, and impractical infantry doctrines. If it's practiced in H.A.R.M., it's because it actually works in-game. The fundamentals of infantry combat are timeless, and that's what merits the repetition and practice.


H.A.R.M. operates on a small roster to ensure the teamwork is close-knit and well coordinated. The squad will learn to operate as an team - refining tactics, communication, and execution until second-nature. Members are expected to always follow orders - whether from their SL or their fireteam leader. Members must master their role - their understanding of their job as it relates to the squad will enable them to effectively function in their role even without specific direction, eliminating the need for micro-management and greatly reducing unnecessary casualties.


- The unit will cap at 18 players, on rotation (two full squads in total).

- The squad will always play one private practice game to train tactics & teamwork before queuing for public matches.

- The unit will organize 9v9 private scrims to further train and refine these tactics in practice combat situations.

- Unique lessons for the day may vary, but the fundamentals will be drilled time and time again until they are second-nature.

- Squad members are expected to specialize in one role - limited flexing is allowed depending on player availability.

- Members must have enough available playtime to play at least a twice a week - play sessions will last from 2 to 5 hours.

- Squad Leaders and Team Leaders must read the Squad Leader 101 guide in full - regular members are highly encouraged to read it also.

- Squad members must follow orders promptly and to the best of their ability.

- Squad members must have a firm enough understanding of their role to be able to carry it out without being told what to do.

- Squad members are expected to memorize and use gameplay-relevant callouts, and use them consistently.

- Squads will be divided into two Fireteams, each with their dedicated Fireteam Leader.

- Team Leaders are expected to put in extra time and effort into learning their role and functioning as leaders for the unit.

- Basic unit formations will be implemented - Column, Line, and File - as well as the Traveling Overwatch and Bounding Overwatch doctrines.

- Members are encouraged to do their own learning on the subject of infantry tactics and the use of their weapon.

- This is a commitment-based squad, not a performance-based squad - if you are committed to improving, we will train you until your performance is up to par.

- H.A.R.M. is a positive environment to enjoy SQUAD. Negativity and toxicity, especially racism or verbal abuse, will result in an immediate kick from the unit.

- Timezone is "Global" until a play schedule can be worked out. The hours you are able to consecutively play is more important than what time of day you can play.


Please send me a PM if you want to join (the subject line should be "HARM Application from <Steam Name>, and include the following:
#1. Why you want to join H.A.R.M.

#2. Your timezone and playtime availability

#3. Your top two desired roles in the squad (one may be taken)

#4. Confirmation of your commitment to practice until you have mastered your role in H.A.R.M.


(Applications for positions are currently: OPEN)

**If you are accepted, you will receive a reply PM - change your in-game clan tag to [H.A.R.M.]

***Positions are extremely limited, don't take it personally if you don't receive a reply





Squad 1 Leader (Vance)


Alpha Team Leader / Rifleman


     Machine Gunner



Bravo Team Leader / Rifleman






Squad 2 Leader

Alpha Team Leader (Rifleman)


     Machine Gunner



Bravo Team Leader (Rifleman)




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First submissions are in, I'll be waiting to review them until I have more PM's from people wanting to join.

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Applications for Squad 1 are closed - chosen applicants were PM'ed today. Applications for Squad 2 are still open until max playerbase of 18 members is reached.

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Slots still open in H.A.R.M., our first scheduled session starts tomorrow, on Saturday August 25th. PM me if you're interested in joining and you may get a permanent slot in Squad 1 based on attendance - we will be playing a casual session the first time around just to get to know each other.

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