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Map option with contour lines

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Hello everyone,


First of all if someone suggested it before i am sorry. But with my deficient English i just made couple of search about this topic. Also i am suggesting this because i think it will affect the planning of squad leaders therefore the teamplay.


My suggestion is simple: Map option with contour lines


Squad is a game which grows with work of it's developers and community. Most of the works are about maps. So in future i think we will see different varieties of maps. As a squad leader who does not memorize every single bit of the maps. It's good to visualise the altitude of terrain before planning or executing a rapid planning. Good to know where to approach, where to overwatch or make a good, offroad etc. in contryside maps. Also we will see helicopters in future (even we have a great mod about it!) So it will good to plan lz points too.


So this is my suggestion. I hope you like it.


Thank you.



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