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Map option with contour lines

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Hello everyone,


First of all if someone suggested it before i am sorry. But with my deficient English i just made couple of search about this topic. Also i am suggesting this because i think it will affect the planning of squad leaders therefore the teamplay.


My suggestion is simple: Map option with contour lines


Squad is a game which grows with work of it's developers and community. Most of the works are about maps. So in future i think we will see different varieties of maps. As a squad leader who does not memorize every single bit of the maps. It's good to visualise the altitude of terrain before planning or executing a rapid planning. Good to know where to approach, where to overwatch or make a good, offroad etc. in contryside maps. Also we will see helicopters in future (even we have a great mod about it!) So it will good to plan lz points too.


So this is my suggestion. I hope you like it.


Thank you.



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I've created a little 3D topographic map utility that you can use to fly around and familiarize yourself with all the subtle details of the terrain. Screenshots of it are posted above.


If there's interest in it I'll spend some time putting a UI on it, splining in the roads and waterways and adding location names to make it as close as I can and then also make utilities for the rest of the maps.


It opens maximized and uses WASD or arrow controls plus shift let's you speed up. To exit alt tab out and close from taskbar.



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