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Space The Final Frontier

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Captain Picard returns https://www.space.com/41389-star-trek-picard-returns-cbs-series.html


To a new Star Trek series on TV.  Now I know not a lot of you guys are sci fi freaks like me or some here, but this is good news.  Why?  Because we are in a new period of space once again being the main thing we humans are striving for again: back to the Moon, going to Mars and beyond, starting a new military branch; a Space force, and this is something we should all be a part of. Join the new space force if you can, I know I would.  Get ready for a kick ass ride!  You ready?



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LOL!  WebMattisSpaceMarineFrontClose_large.jpg


who has time to do these things?  Ok which game developer is going to be the first to make a game?





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