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July 2018 Recap

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Iam not really having any illusions to be honest :) been here since v8 I think? Maybe earlie, back when game was a buggy running simulator, so I understand "very soon" may be ages. However it was mentioned multiple times regarding v10, that content updates will be much faster because hardest part was said v10, and updates should be back on monthly basis. Yet not too much changed regarding frequency of updates. Which is sad and a bit disappointing but not really surprising I suppose. This is just reality of these indie games not having the necessity to meet any deadlines. Dont want this game to end up stagnating, thats all. In any case I think squad is way better off then say eft (I feel like I literally wasted my money on some scam) or couple of other titles that have no responsibility to meet any deadlines, and can allow themselves to endlessly promise that "cool changes are coming when they're ready", but the tendency is still somewhat worrying.

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