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[NA][Recruiting] [CoG] Clandestine Operations Group looking for good players!

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Region: NA

Timezones: All North American Timezones; Events typically from afternoon to late evening on the weekends.

Clandestine Operations Group is a group aiming to provide a competitive and fun environment where like-minded gamers can join in to play in friendly public matches as well as intense events and tournaments with and against other teams within the Squad community. If you are looking for a semi-competitive environment to grow your skills and compete with the best groups in Squad, CoG is the group for you.

Our modus operandi is special forces, strike team like actions, hot drops, and back rage. Sneaking behind enemy forces that we can clearly see but not engage so we can accomplish a more important objective than getting some kills. Taking a troop transport with a full group and dropping right onto a point we want to take or a FOB we want to destroy. Thats what CoG is all about.

We are currently accepting new players with a drive for competitive play in FPS games.

How to Join

Join our Discord voice/text chat server here:


The Mission

The mission of the Clandestine Operations Group is to provide a competitive and fun environment where like-minded gamers can join in to play in friendly public matches as well as intense events and skirmishes with other groups within the Squad community.


Discord is the primary communication service we use. It is highly encouraged that you use Discord when you are playing games so as to show other members when people are on and who is available to game with at the time. You can join discord by going to http://discord.me/cogx


We participate in a number of events in the Squad community with more events added regularly. Here is a list of some of the Squad community events we participate in:

NAS - North American Squad

This weekly event of clans from all over the North American continent pits North American clans against each other in a 36vs36 with matchup with the teams comprised of 8 squads of various North American clans.

SWC - Squad World Championship

Our partners (Sigma Tactical) and us have reached the semi finals for SWC. We are undefeated at the moment with a 5 - 0 record in the championship and we are still looking for those worthy, to partake in the competition.

Clan Skirmishes

9v9 - 24v24 matches against other teams within the Squad community. These are great for learning new ways to play the game and honing your skills against opponents of equal or greater skill. These events are posted on our event calendar and members are encouraged to sign up and participate in any events they can.

Join CoG Today!


Website: http://cogclan.net

Discord: http://discord.me/cogx

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