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[solved]Squad wont let me onto servers

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Hey, I get an error every time i try to join a server on Squad. When i come to the loading scree with the keybindings, the game make the "nature" sounds, and show me a little in game part of the game. Lika a house or a building. After a few seconds the game goes back to the keybindings loading screen. 10 seconds after that the game crashes or i gett redirected to main menu with this error "EAC Kicked: Authentication Timed Out 1/2".. 


I have tired uninstalling the game, unnistalled EAC, tried fixing the files, move the game to aniother hard drive, but nothing woks. I have 60 hours gameplay with this game, and i love it. So its frustrating that it wont work now. Please help me witht this.

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