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[|56|] Canadian Gaming

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[|56|] Canadian Gaming



Hello Everyone,


My name is West, recently with a few buddies I decided to strike out on my own and see if I can get a Canadian gaming community up and running. We started the server a few weeks ago and have been seeing consistent 80/80 nights with beautiful green server health. The name 56th comes from the original MOHAA clan I was a part of way back in 2002, the 56th Canadian Legion, unfortunately with the arrival of WoW the clan membership took a hit and the clan folded. If you are looking for a laid back and friendly group of players who welcome 1000+ hour vets to brand new players this is the place. We have about 10 members as of now but are growing fast. Quick and easy server popping starts around 16:00 mountain time and we have been seeing the server stay full until about 01:00 on most night.


 Feel free to join our discord and say hi, we have been building a solid group of regular players aswell.  [|56|] offers both paid and unpaid memberships aswell as public players getting whitelist by donation. Thanks for taking the time and I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Name : [|56|] Canadian Gaming

Website : 56thCanadian.com

Discord : discord.gg/xurkfxs

Server Location : Montreal, Quebec

Language : English



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