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[WIP] Battle For UmmQasr [Vanilla]

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Name : Battle for Umm Qasr


Location : Iraq, Umm Qasr


Size : 8km


Teams : BAF vs Insurgents


Gameplay : Insurgency, ASS, Invasion




Description :

Umm Qasr was the first military confrontation in the Iraq War focousing on Desert combat

  • tanks will play a large role in the Brits attack
  • 2 dense towns and market for infantry and close quarter combat  where insurgents will have the advantage
  • maps is designed with water vehicles in mind Brits main will be a carrier in the future
  • Crashed container ship
  • My 1st map, having fun filling it and happy to recieve any feedback or ideas



coming soon (having trouble rendering)




Main Town








North Dock




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