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Shalom Friends .

so i got brand new 1060 GTX (6gb) . 

because i couldnt play the game on my 960 anymore ....

so first thing i did after installing my was to put 1920X1080 EPIC + TPXX + 1.5 MULTISAMPLER .... it was fine...

but the jaggering edge remain ((more or less)(its very anoing on desert map where there lot of tall grass)) ... 

i was very angry ....

i put the game on 1440 P all high + TPXX + no multisampler ....= game looks decent but still with a little bit jaggered edges and a little washed out ... ( i cranked that screen sharp a little bit )

my question ... how ? why ? i play PUBG and at FULLHD 1920X1080 with 1.25 upscaling ... its look sharp and f good  with out any jaggered edges its looks chrispy like  a good chicken dinner .

any... TIPS ? HACKS ? TRICKS ?


offtopic : when i run the game at 1440p FULLSCREEN  my game not fitting on the screen  and i need to altTab to fix it ...kinda anoing because its randomly getting bigger again and  i need to alt tab to fix it 

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