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Admin mod?

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Is anyone working on any sort of server admin mod? 


If not does anyone know if you can build admin functionality for the game yet? In game kicks / bans or swapping a players team.



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there is also a Squad RCON Discord


from #rcon-home


SQUAD RCON is a community developed project, designed to empower server admins with free & intuitive tools to make the everyday struggle of server administration that little bit easier. We welcome any help offered and encourage anyone interested, no matter skill level, to do so. Simply contact a @DEV and you'll be assigned the correct permissions. Thanks for using our tools and supporting us.


#rcon-download is where all the latest tools can be found.

#rcon-howto is where any dev made guides can be located

#rcon-discussion is where any and all feedback can be posted as well as any questions users may have.


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