My suggestion here is quite simple: what if we had a better, clearer, more readable map?

Many of us have noticed that the current in-game map looks like an aerial snapshot of the terrain, with very few tactical information displayed on it, and that noticeably hinders operation efficiency, both for squad leaders and for the troops. We think a better map might greatly improve movement planning, communication and overall awareness.

Here is what a standard Squad in-game map looks like:
  The terrain is drowning in unnecessary graphical clutter, and a lot of relevant informations are missing or barely visible.

For those who are familiar with real-life military maps, or maybe the Arma series (not trying to compare Squad to Arma here, just using it as an example), here's what a map looks like in Arma 3:     EDIT: I can't find how to link a properly sized picture, so here's a direct link to it.    You may notice a few key differences:   - Topography: The map displays the peak elevations of the terrain (those dots with a number), and grading lines allow for quick readability of its features.
 Those informations can be used for better movement, as squads now know exactly if a given position is higher or lower than their objective, and might be able to plan their approach in order to use ridges and such as cover; but also for communications, as the peaks can be used as landmarks (Ex: "Be advised, hostile .50 Cal on Hill 75, facing south.", with Hill 75 being the dot 75 on the map, peaking at 75 metres above sea-level).   - Planimetry: The map displays clearly any man-made object or infrastructure. Urban areas are recognizable and individual buildings easily identified. Roads are perfectly visible (whereas in Squad, some roads are almost invisible on the map), and some major landmarks are marked, such as churches, or gas stations.

-Vegetation: Heavy vegetation is clearly identifiable on the map (those green areas).   -Grid: This might be a bit more controversial, but the grid is displayed in metric units. In Squad, the smallest grid square is roughly equivalent to 33m.

-(Bonus) Markers: I'll be posting another thread for this one, but Squad leaders should have access to a wider variety of markers, and more flexibility in their use.
For more about this, see:   

Now, I know that the maps in Squad are smaller than in Arma, so too much intel might clutter the map. There might be no use for too many landmarks, and topography information might need to fade away when zoomed out, to keep a good readability. I am aware that this might mean reworking the map system as a whole, to transition from a static image to a dynamic tactical display, but I honestly think this would be a great Quality of Life improvement, and that most players would welcome it.