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[BWC] Kilmark

[BWC] Black Widow Company

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BWC is a veteran founded, military-style, international, multi-game outfit with a 14 year history. We are a multi-national gaming community that provides training, teamwork, and the best possible gaming experience to our members and those we fight alongside. While roughly half of our members are active duty military, prior service, retired, and/or combat veterans, a military background is not a requirement to join BWC. Anyone who is serious about having fun and winning is welcome. We are highly competitive; but we temper that competitive posture with a focus on fun, winning and being the best. We take our gaming seriously, but not to the point of allowing angst and nerd rage.

Currently we play Squad 6 days per week while averaging 1-2 full squads per night. 

! ! ! Check out 
http://the-bwc.com  if interested ! ! !

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Gonna bump this since these guys have been awesome to game with. They always focus on objectives not just kills, have a great sense of teamwork and win or lose, it's a good time.

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