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Two Rounds from Weekend 1

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Two rounds recorded from last weekend (first of closed pre-Alpha), hopefully to hold you over for a few hours till weekend two starts! Thanks for watching, see you in the field! I try to put squad names in the descriptions, but folks drop and add.


Name: spuzz, Spuz36, or Sir Orange


First is one of my first rounds in the game, kinda lone-wolf it for the first 3 minutes but wait for the rest of the squad to catch up. We encounter some resistance in a compound with some CQB. Then, THEN, is the FOB assault. The Americans have built a small outpost on a mountain peak, easy to surround, but hard to lay enough fire to overwhelm. I try out the Automatic Rifleman for some added suppression. Threw a old Project Reality tune (Dune by Alkali) in to set the assault mood  :)



Second I pal up with a squad including SgtRoss. We head from the US spawn above down to the riverbed. From there we blaze through some poppy fields before infiltrating a hostile compound. Plenty of CQB in the second half! Intense!



Check out the rest of the channel, mainly Project Reality through the years.

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