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Mines are Bad for Gameplay

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Even if nowadays most games are sold as a service which I'd assume statistically incorrect, it doesn't mean anything as Squad proved lately to be profit oriented more than anything else. As last promises of kickstarter are fulfilled, it's reputation safe for OWI to keep minimal maintenance and not do any updates, "you have mods anyway"

Back to topic, mine main camping and lonewolfing should be discouraged.

1. Mines went in correct direction making it less lethal, but not enough. Light vehicles (including trucks) on full health shouldn't be destroyed by mines immediately, should only get mobility kill

2. Mine stacking to ensure vehicle kill shouldn't be possible. Possible fix is mine damage timeout (where hitting multiple mines in quick succession only does damage of 1 mine)
3. Digging mines in are too fast

4. Digging mines in on hard ground shouldn't be possible

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