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as the title above says i sometimes at uncertain times of the day i get really high ping spikes between 200 and 600 ms. I experienced this now about the 30th time and it always went away when i started the game couple of hours later. I did ping tests on my connection, called my internet provider and even tried playing the game with LAN connection but always got this high ping for unknown reason. I tried changing the graphics settings and updated all of my drivers and windows but nothing helped.

This seems to either have to do with the servers of squad itself or maybe with the anti cheat software - i can't really tell. And i only have this connection issue with squad, any other game is perfectly fine to play. 


My System:

Windows 10 64bit

ASUS Geforce GTX1060 6GB

AMD Ryzen 5 1600 6 Core 3.2 GHz




I am playing on the newest update of Squad as of 16th of July 2018.



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This is coming from my personal experience... 
Can you check if your modem is in Bridged mode or NAT Mode?
If in NAT, change to Bridged...  Some of my mates with the said issue had resolved their problem by doing so

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