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Chicken, Sweety, Little Jenny and I are happy to announce and introduce a new clan to the community, the Royal Battalion.


Although we are EU based, we do welcome people from all over the world. We are looking to be a competitive clan and join in with different events such as CCFN, SWC, and others. We support new players and help them to develop and learn the game within a friendly environment.


We will host regular training events to support players to improve their game and work together as a team to battle some of the top clans in EU.


- We are looking for the following in our players:

- Must be over the age 18

- Active squad player

- Active in our discord using voice and text

- Willing to be dedicated to helping the clan grow




Hope to see you there.


- Calvin.

Edited by Calvin Harris.

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Good fun playing with you guys tonight.  Gutted I couldn't stay longer.


If you are looking for new recruits, I'm definitely interested.  I'm a team player, always willing to go medic and look after the squad.  Only issue is I don't get on a huge amount at the moment, but hoping to get back to playing more regularly.  



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We are looking for competative, Mature, fun, active players to join our clan Royal Bandits. Royal Bandits has been formed through the ashes of QFF, with Chicken and Calvin, former Moderators of QFF and Myself one of the founders. We have our own server and all our members are whitelisted and we dont have any try outs or recruit status. Once you join us, your a full member and treated as one of the family.


Where has the name come from, well the Royal aspect is our way of linking to QFF, Queens Fighting Force, and the Bandits part is because one day we want to steal the squad crown from the best squad clan there is.


We are fun, mature and ready for action. Join our discord, hang around with us and see what you think. Have you got what it takes to be a Royal Bandit?


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Just wanted to say hello to you two ;-) Maybe you rember me Calvin should ;-) Jenny you maybe ;-) But just wanted to say hi and wish you the best of luck.

Maybe i would be seeing you on the battlefield or on your own server some times ;-)  

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17 hours ago, Little Jenny said:

thank you :) and yes I remember you of course.

If you remember we even played in the same squad last time i saw you i was in SQ UA its Ukrainian squad which i am a member now ;-) You sead you are sorry you need to lieve our squad because you did not understand the word we where saying ;-) 

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Looking to Join Royal Battalion?

• Aged 18+

• English speaking

• We accept Casual and competitive players

• Fairly mature, but able to have a laugh too.

• Join our discord voice channels and our server to be considered

• Must be active in game and in the community

• Recruit status for a minimum of two weeks before being considered.

• Assigned mentor to support you when joining


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