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Calvin Harris.

|R-B| Royal Bandits

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Chicken, Sweety, Little Jenny and I are happy to announce and introduce a new clan to the community, the Royal Bandits.


Although we are EU based, we do welcome people from all over the world. We are looking to be a competitive clan and join in with different events such as CCFN, SWC, and others. We support new players and help them to develop and learn the game within a friendly environment.


We will host regular training events to support players to improve their game and work together as a team to battle some of the top clans in EU.


- We are looking for the following in our players:

- Must be over the age 18

- Active squad player

- Active in our discord using voice and text

- Willing to be dedicated to helping the clan grow




Hope to see you there.


- Calvin.

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