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ARES Clan server is officially up and running! If you are willing to help us  populate our server we will offer whitelisting for our regulars! 

Server Rules 

1.  -  No spamming, trolling, or abuse in voice chat.

2.  -  SLs may kick anyone from their squad for any reason.

3.  -  No locked one-man squads.

4.  -  SLs must have a mic

5.  -  apologize for TKs  

6.  -  AFK/Unassigned players may be kicked. Join a Squad.

7.  -  Keep Squad/player names reasonable.

8.  -  No trolling assets 

9. -  No attempting to recruit or advertise without permission.


For other rules  join our discord: https://discord.gg/MJWHuKb


We do offer clan whitelisting  join discord and message the admin!

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