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Squad Marker Positions , and radio suggestion

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Hello all, just a suggestion, i'd like to see squad marker locations on the large map. 

Just as you as a squad leader can place a "green" fob marker to mark where you would like a fob to be placed, I'd like the ability to simply put down a "orange number" 

See image as example.

This would be a small addition, but would have multiple uses 

As an example, this orange marker could be utilized to mark a vehicle they are going to claim during the staging portion of the match. 

Or it can be utilized to mark where a squad is heading to notify other squads of their intent.  Particularly useful during the beginning planning where individuals can mark which squads are heading to which cap zone.   


Currently squad leaders use either "enemy marksman markers" or some other overlay to to inform other squads where they are going, or what they are claiming. 

Secondly , i'd like to suggest something i've noticed while using Task force radio in Arma, this has also been suggested before. 

When you are near someone speaking over the radio, but are not on their channel, you can hear them speaking locally next to you, but you cannot hear the receiving radio transmission. (Presumably because they have head sets on) This would greatly increase immersion, as we could hear a SL tell his squad mates, "standby i'm going to confirm with two that they are having no issue pushing the objective or require assistance." 

Then if you are near the squad leader you would hear over local. 
As an example:
"2 This is 1, do you need assistance"
"2 responds, but you cannot hear what they are saying"

"Good to go 2, we'll continue to push onto the next cap" 

This would greatly enhance immersion, as in real life you can hear someone on the radio right next to you. I would suggest this also get pushed to anyone using a radio near you. You could hear their transmission, but you can't hear what they are saying back to them on the other end, unless of course you're on the same radio frequency as them. (Squad or SL channels) 


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