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[RRP] Red Rose Platoon

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Who are We?

Red Rose Platoon is a brand new competitive Squad team, we aim to bring players a new range of game-play when playing the game by not only having a casual side to the game but a competitive side.


What is the aim?

The aim for Red Rose Platoon is to recruit as many members as we can to be able to compete in tournaments and matches against other competitive teams and also strive to become one of the best teams around. We aim to bring a more competitive side to Squad and also allow players to make friends and communicate with other people in the team.


Why Red Rose Platoon?

You might be thinking why should i join a brand new team? Well simply because you can become a top member of the team, we are recruiting all members of any age, gender no matter what, you can become apart of Red Rose Platoon. We allow input of our members and like to communicate with them as we believe that is a key part in the success in the team. We are brand new team and you can help us progress with any input that you feel that can help the team push forward and bring success in the future.


How do i join?

There is a simple process of filling out the application that we have made and once you have filed an application and submitted it to us we will review the application. Once we have reviewed the application we will message you with a confirmation of weather you are eligible to be apart of the team. Then we will speak in the team discord to get to know you a little bit more.


Thank You

Thank you for reading and if you would like to get involved then make sure you click the link below to take you to the application page for you to fill out.



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