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Road map and Slow development

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Ok so let me start by saying that i am NOT complain or wining. I have almost 1000 hours in squad so i have definitely gotten my moneys worth. That being said I really feel like OWI need to come up with a road map of some kind and stick to certain goals. Right now all we have are teases but I really believe they should do what Post Scriptum has done and release a road map. I don't even think we need dates or anything just how much they are going to put in before it leaves alpha, and then beta. I know developing games take a while but its been in development for almost 4 years. Im just curious what the devs opinions are in terms of what features squad needs to start beta, and then fully release. 


Once again I've gotten my moneys worth with this game and I am not complaining! Just curious and excited to think about what the final game will look like. 

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