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ARES is a Newly Formed Competitive/ Causal Clan for SQUAD!!

We are a community of friends. Who will play hard to win. We consist of Adults and striving players from United States and Canada. In our community, our motto is Evaluate the Condition, backing our allies, and overwhelm the opponent. We are looking for different types of players from Causal to Competitive! ARES is willing to help train new players and help them succeed! Our long-term goal is to play in SQUAD Competitive events. thus, we strive for professionalism and hence the requirements to apply:


- Players must be Mature Not Childish to join ARES! +16 and Older


- Future Recruits must apply in the registration section of the discord


- After the application process members will do a simple interview


- Must have a basic knowledge of Military lingo


- Players must be comfortable to play other kits such as Squad Leader, Medic,Vehicles etc.

- Must have a Mic


-Players must be ACTIVE!


Members will have the benefit of getting whitelisted on our up and coming server for Squad! Make sure to add ÄR£SSensei or AvKermit as a Friend on steam and make sure to join the discord below!


Join Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/mupwe2h

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