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Squaddie Objective Markers and Waypoints

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As a frequent SL, one thing I would love to see implemented is more robust squad map tools. Currently I use various markers to direct squaddies to useful positions, but that clutters the map for other squads and inexperienced players are often unable to navigate without a waypoint.


I was thinking it would be nice to place individual waypoints for each squad member that only the squad can see on the map and only the individual squad member would see on the compass. Numbered 1-9, they could be placed by holding the number on the keyboard down and clicking on the map (if key-press modifiers can work on the map, I'm not much of a coder :P). Also, would be nice to be able to shift-click waypoints like in RTS games to direct squaddies along preferred paths (would be a great help for lost logis). 

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and my all time favorite:

^ They had this in V4 or V5 of the game but took it out because of profanities....I always said that if admins are already expected to be online to deal with smooth sailing of the server they can also look over map gesture make sure it's not being misused....

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just make every sl a separate layer that can be hidden. a few simple tools like:

  • hide all
  • show all
  • invert visible selection
  • make visible to squad (this could mean only the SLs can see the content of other squads but can show it to their own squad if they want

go advanced with:

  • selection sets such as vehicle squads
  • allow extra pages per sl so they can set up fireteam stuff. 
  • make a squad leader control which allows them to show squad mates a certain set
  • the same system could allow varied views at some stage later in development eg topographic, IR, live satellite (if active), squadmate or vehicle camera, security camera for irregular forces

all of this would only take a small amount of screen real estate around the spawn screen map with tabs and a few tick boxes.

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