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As someone who just purchased this game, and has noticed it has been out for years and is still in Alpha...-...what's going on with updates?. I was a HUGE Project Reality player and am noticing this is the next PR. However it only has 1/6th of the content of PR so far, 1/6th the vehicles, weapons, factions, maps, everything. Not even any Main Battle Tanks or Air Trans or any sort of helicopters yet. How many years in updates until Squad has even 3/4ths the content that Project Reality had?. Not having air trans, CAS and all these other various vehicles and stuff really sucks. And it seems like with each update comes 1-2 vehicles, and the updates are not very often. It seems based on current update statistics and inclusions that it will be another solid 2-3 years before we get the same content as PR. I mean it came out 2013, and here we are in 2018. Not saying a lot has not changed, but still.

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Squad only had very minor development done before 2015, as the game required funding which happened May 26th, 2015 - via kick starter. The closed testing started September, 2015 IIRC, and Squad didn't hit steam until December, 2015. 

PR took over a decade to get to where it is, and is still in development this day. The main differences is, PR had Battlefield 2's foundation to build off of, it also had a stable game engine to support it's additions and tweaks. All the major road bumps were avoided as PR was built from a pre existing game. Squad is built completely from the ground up, all systems and mechanics are made from the ground up and are far more complex. Squad is built on UE4, a young game engine that is constantly changing in features, support and stability. Engine builds change, requiring the game to update to fully to the new build or pick specific things out - which takes time migrating new things over - as things break and have to looked at.

Game development takes a long time, especially when there's only 40 guys building a very ambitious game. You not only have to build your own systems, there's other things like Mo cap sessions for animations, sound recordings and tweaking, code changes, new content breaking older content, server and client performance issues etc etc

You have to get the systems and mechanics done before adding the content to match it. Can't release helicopters, if there's no flight systems made. Can't release certain vehicles or weapons unless there's counters for these things, or you break the game balance. There's a lot of things that slow down development or stop content from being pushed out - BUT despite this, Squad has released a lot of patches since I've been playing(Since closed testing) - Were looking at 65+ patches since closed testing. https://squad.gamepedia.com/Release_Versions

That's a lot of patches since September 2015, and the game has changed in many many ways since then too. In saying this, 2018 will be a good year for content ;) We've already seen new systems and content coming out at a faster pace, since a lot of big road bumps are out of the way. V12 will be something special. Just be patient.

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Hmmm... correct me if i'm wrong but:


Project Reality started as PRMM v0.1 since august 2005. So it's around more then decade. And it was built as a mod, on top of the existing fully developed game engine with modding tools.


Hm... 2013? Early access started a little bit before 2016 (December 2015). They are making the game, not mod. A lot of stuff they have to make for them self. Currently, i think they are still trying to get all the features they want so content, yeah, is suffering. Content wise, i don't think we will be there in couple of years. There was a lot of effort from many different people put into PR to be where it's now. But we might see features that couldn't be achieved in BF2 engine. Actually, in couple of next updates, we will see a lot of cool stuff that we dreamed of in PR.


Check out Post Scriptum... they started as mod for Squad. In ten days or so, they are gonna sell finished product on Steam. I think they are around 8 people strong (OWI is around 40-50 people). They did amazing job on content in very short amount of time! But they didn't develop most of the game features (or they built on top of existing work). It takes a lot of effort to make something from scratch.


By the end of the year, Squad should be feature ready. After that, we might see more content filled in. Also, they are trying to improve modding scene for Squad (it's already here btw... did you check out chopper mod with fastropes? :D ). Some of the PR contributors are present here too!


Sorry for wall of text... in short: [insert picture of patient bear here] :) 

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they started working on squad in 2013 and they showed us the game they were making in 2014 for the first time

I know the pain, I`ve been waiting for PR2 for along time too and squad is the closest game we get in comparison

overall, I am happy with the progress made in the last months and I think things will speed up (still this year)

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