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Hello Everyone,

My name is Steve and myself with a few buddies have decided to get into the server hosting game. Our server will be starting in early July and will be a community built on coordinated teamwork aswell as a being a welcoming environment for new players. The 5 man admin team has a combined 3500+ hours in game and have administered several large gaming groups within squad. If you are looking for a Canadian centered gaming group that works together but doesn't take itself to seriously then come on by and drop a line. If anyone here has been gaming since the MOHAA days you may recognize the name, the 56th Canadian Legion was the first clan I was ever a part of and we had a presence through MOHAA into COD2 and I am hoping to get it revived and going again. I hope to see you guys out there and hope you all have a great day.

Should you have any concerns with bans/players/administrators please dont hesitate to shoot me a message here or on discord. If immediate admin attention is needed just tags @admins on discord and we can remotely help you out. 

Thanks again

56 Canadian General Information

Forum - 56thCanadian.com
Discord - https://discord.gg/xurkfxs

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