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Hi all, I just picked up Squad and experienced some really bad crackling. I managed to solve it for now and I hope this info comes in useful for others.


Problem: The audio was crackling really bad, then it would work fine for a little while, then go bad again. This was heard everywhere, even in the main menu. This is a fresh install as I'm a new user.

Anyways, to me, it really sounded like the audio buffer was set to a really low amount (I'm using an external audio interface as I do music production too) and that the system couldn't handle it (the game itself plays perfectly fine). Anyone who has done some work with music will know what I mean, eg. when recording guitar, to minimise latency, you reduce your audio buffer to as low as it will go. But if you reduce it too much and your audio interface can't handle it, you will get this crap, crackling sound when you play/record.


I managed to solve this by installing ASIO4all though I haven't experienced this issue in other games when using my audio interface.


I hope this info comes in handy for others.


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