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Are You Going To Use The 20$/month License? And Are You Mostly Programming In C++?

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Good evening


My question has already been mentioned in the title.

Are you planning on using the Unity 4 Engine which requieres a monthly payment of 20$ per User + 5% revenue of the sales?


And the second question is headed more towards the coders of Squad.

Are you mostly using C++ when you use the Unitiy Engine? Or which programming language are you mostly involved with right now?

I started to learn C and i'm questioning myself if i should turn over to C++ in order to maybe step into the development at some point. Yet i'm still new to this subject of programing and i don't think i'll be able to help out during the next 12months.


Anyway, thanks for your time and hopefully i hear something from you guys.

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All of our developers have a UE4 subscription and as such pay the 20 dollar per month developer fee that Epic requires.


As far as the coding goes, it really depends on what we are coding but it is a pretty hybrid mix of C++ and Blueprints.

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