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*Suggestion Make spawn in FOB random radius or....

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The much dreaded FOB camp by an enem y is nasty business. I humbly believe that FOB should not just have soldiers spawn in side FOB but around it and perhaps have finally placed spawn points. For example building mortar shelter near FOB should provide alternative spawn that requires both FOB and radio to be up, or on the radio. Further more perhaps if the enemy is inside the FOB it should act like neutralized spawn and simply will not allow anyone to spawn in it until enemy soldiers inside either leave or killed. This will fix the problem of spawn camping while simultaneously fix the problem of the bug where players spawn on the top of FOB bug and will decongest the traffic jams. Also I was thinking about suggesting the idea of alternative spawn. - Air Assault/Ground Assault. For US Brits and Russian factions give SLs the ability to summon transport helicopters. For US Blackhawks for Brits Merlin and for Russians MI28. The spawns meant to be temporary and therefore have to be coordinated with the rest of squad members to zip down the line before the bird takes off due to rtb or the enemy sees big bird in the sky to shoot down. This will be high risk high reward type of temporary spawn that can be placed anywhere but with obvious risk of giant helicopters hovering in one place as infantry slides down on the ropes on its side. Obviously due to refueling and repairs it will have cool down and since neither of those birds are armored, they can be relatively easy reshoot down. just to add there is already zip line skin in game aka TOW missile cable. All that is needed is AI helicopters and zip line rappelling down animations. Insurgents and rebels should have Mobile spawns since they should not have helicopters. They should work like Post Scriptum mobile spawns with Russian KAMAZ truck for rebelsKAMAZ-5350_military_truck_of_Russia.jpg 


and Iraqi Bongo Van/Bus for insurgents.



or Bongo Truck 11554.jpg

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umpteen threads on this..infact there is one already on front page...meat grinder... check it out 

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