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looking for casual players

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Hello there, I am a new player looking for some casual people to play with. I know I will probably be referred to post in the Clan section, but I am not looking for a clan that has a regular playing schedule and practices etc. I would love that, but I don't have that much time to commit to a video game even though I love it.


I am just mainly looking for some people that I could maybe add on Steam that could teach me some stuff and maybe we could play together more often. I am the type of player that sometimes doesn't play at all for a few weeks, but currently I am playing a lot. I play PR and I read Squad manual so I know the basics, but am still confused.


I am also very shy and don't talk too much as I sometimes meet some toxic people that take it too seriously, so I just kind of stay away from talking , but follow orders. In PR when I got to know some people that play regularly it was much better but unless I play with someone for a longer time, I do not talk much so I would prefer to maybe join a bunch of people that know how to play the game but don't take it too seriously.


If anyone is willing to add me on Steam, my nick is kloti38. If there are some new players that are looking for the same thing I am, add me too, we can learn together.

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We'd welcome you to join us on Discord too: http://discord.gg/Squad


There's plenty of folks to play with, and a channel that can help you squad up too. You don't *have* to talk Squad, of course, but... well, why wouldn't you? =)

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