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Battlefield Throwback Weekend (6-23-18 to 6-24-18)

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Hi Squad Mates!


Free weekend is upon us. Expect Fobs on uncap-able points, Tking in droves and SLs that have 2 hours in game. Why not take a trip to yester-years maybe back to good old Battlefield! B&H is happy to present the Battlefield Throwback Weekend. We will be hosting the following custom maps:


Strike on Karkand
Gulf of Oman
El Alamein *
Late Addition 


Please join us for a special kick off event tomorrow (Saturday, June 23rd) at 10:30am EST!
You can download those maps from the B&H steam collection which is linked below.

B&H Mod Collection


We look forward to seeing everyone who can make it. Feel free to share this message!
Also feel free to stay informed on future event on the B&H Discord:  https://discordapp.com/invite/haPKW99 


Please note that we still fully support the education and acceptance of new players this weekend. We also understand that we all need a break from them too. 


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Finally someone doing this, there should be a server for this 24/7/365! See you on the battlefield :D

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