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My idea is still very general, so this post is mainly for brainstorming. I think the way that squad leads interact through voice with their squads should be reworked.


I love squad leading, it is very rewarding to lead a team to victory. Sometimes though it seems as though I can’t even hear myself think.


My answer to the problem of “congested” comms is fireteams.


An SL would be able to offer the role of fireteam lead to squad members for up to 3 fireteams. SL’s would be able to talk to the fire team leads and coordinate certain attacks depending on squad comp. the idea is that the whole squad doesn’t need to hear me say that I need my two man armor to move further east. Or asking my marksmen if my mortars are hitting at the correct location. This frees up squad comms therefore having the SL only talk to other SL’s and their own squad’s fireteam leads. 


Just inagine:


Your squad leading and you have three fireteams. Alpha, bravo and Charlie. Charlie consists of two riflemen/crewman operating armor for close fire support and transport of your squad. Alpha team is your medics, your AT, your LMG, and other riflemen. Bravo is your scout team, a marksman and a automatic rifleman (or scout class depending on faction). You take alpha into OBJ and set up frontline defenses. Your armor is ready to assist, and marksmen scouting ahead for incoming enemies. Everything is organized and everyone can tell you what they need and when they need it.


As as a side note: I think a commander should also be implemented, this would be difficult to do though, because in real life a commander would be adept at commanding, I think that is a whole other concept than this and would require another thread. 

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This should probably be one of the priorities.


Surprisingly I found Squad voice chat is actually far more outdated than Planetside 2 voice communications.

The whole problem with the game is the are is substantial number of people who play Squad that tend to flood the channels with rubbish. There is currently no way to mute individuals or specific channels just like in real life due to too much traffic.


Honestly and frankly I am getting tired of some douche nozzle bragging about his kills or how he is "leet" or constantly throwing non  your mama jokes instead of playing the game. Its not the fact that everyone is such a douche, but Squad is not just another linear first person shooter, but actually requires quite a bit of teamwork. The worst offenders are probably when in Command Chat you hear two squad leaders throwing bullshit, instead of trying to coordinate the facts.


Some would argue "this is just a game dude. Chillax." True, but the game's point is to win or at least compete well to have fun experience. For the most I would believe it not fun, when the fun is being destroyed by some chatty Nelly, who keeps talking about non essential bullshit.

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I think that you've got a good point, but first Offworld should focus on fixing the VOIP delay in Squad. Maybe SL should have a louder in game voice than other members of the squad which could help with mess when trying to communicate plans (I also think that trying to listen in the command channel is impossible when your squad channel makes it impossible to hear other SLs)

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1 hour ago, PugFoPrez said:

but first Offworld should focus on fixing the VOIP delay in Squad.

1000x this!

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